Well-being, creativity, productivity

It is particularly important to us to support our employees comprehensively, as we see their role as crucial for the success of the company.

A positive working space not only promotes well-being, but also boosts creativity and productivity. We invest in training, development opportunities and work-life balance to support the personal career of our employees. Their satisfaction is key to our long-term success and reflects our commitment to an inspiring work environment.

Training opportunities

Investing in the growth of our team

In a dynamic and constantly evolving business world, it is essential for companies to invest in continuous training.

We see it, as our responsibility to constantly monitor these developments and therefore we offer our employees a wide range of internal and external training courses. This is extremely important to ensure, that the latest skills and knowledge is acquired.

The external training courses offer our employees the opportunity to develop beyond their role in the company. There are mandatory training courses that fulfill certain regulatory requirements, depending on the position or area of expertise. These training courses ensure that our employees always remain up to date with the latest legal requirements and regulations. Furthermore, their safety in the workplace must be guaranteed, which is also very important to us.

In addition, employees also have a personal interest in further training in certain specialist areas. For this reason, we enable them to attend training courses that match their individual interests and goals. Whether it’s marketing, data analysis, project management or creative skills – we support and encourage them to strengthen their skills and knowledge in the topics they are interested in and where they see their potential.

In addition to external training, Dreve has a dedicated team of internal trainers who offer special training programs.

These internal trainings cover a wide range of topics including leadership skills, communication skills, project management, teamwork, technical skills and many more. Training is offered face-to-face as well as in virtual formats to meet all expectations.

Providing these diverse training opportunities has many advantages. Firstly, we enable our employees to expand their skills and deepen their knowledge, which leads to greater job satisfaction and motivation. By acquiring new skills, they can also improve their career opportunities and work on their career within our company.

In addition, we also benefit from investments in training. By ensuring that our employees have up-to-date specialist knowledge, we can develop innovative solutions, remain competitive and meet the challenges of an always changing market.

The corporate community

Success derives from a strong team

At Dreve, we focus on creating and fostering a strong and harmonious community within our company. We firmly believe that a collaborative working setting not only enhances employee wellbeing, but also contributes to improved collaboration and performance.

For this reason, we regularly plan events and activities with the aim bringing the team together and strengthening it. For example, our popular Christmas party had a long tradition. However, we have expanded our repertoire and now celebrate an annual summer festival, which has become a real highlight event in our calendars.

At our summer party we get together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the live music, food trucks and various activities. It is also an opportunity to get to know each other better outside the work context, build new relationships and strengthen a shared team spirit.

In addition, we also recognize the importance of common successes and special events in daily working life. For example, when a successful audit is passed or special holidays are coming up, we like to surprise our entire workforce with cake which creates a positive atmosphere and promotes team spirit.

Another example of our efforts to push the company’s community is celebrating special occasions. This year, we are delighted to celebrate Dreve’s 75th anniversary,  will be highlighted with a festive event. This celebration offers the opportunity to look back on our successes and to cheer to the goals and challenges ahead.

At Dreve, we are very keen to create an atmosphere in which our employees feel not only part of a team, but also part of a large community. Through our events and activities, we want to ensure that they have the chance to get to know each other, discover common interests and build a strong bond with each other and, above all, feel comfortable.

Our efforts to support the community turned out to be extremely successful. We have learned that our employee satisfaction is very high and there is a high involvement to the company, also reflected in positive teamwork and productivity.

We will continue our efforts and find new ways to further strengthen and support our corporate community. We firmly believe that a strong team is the foundation for our success.

Further benefits

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