Shaping the future, printing sustainably

We are not just committed to the pursuit of economic success, but also strive for a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach at Dreve. In addition to our focus on eco-friendly packaging and conscious measures protecting the external environment, we are also committed to protect the environment with the help of our own products.

FotoDent® biobased model

FotoDent® biobased model is a light-curing resin that not only impresses with its performance, but, more importantly, with its sustainable composition. A significant proportion of 50 percent of this resin consists of renewable raw materials. This innovative approach offers numerous ecological advantages compared to conventional, petroleum-based plastics. The ecological advantage of bio-based raw materials lies in their lower climate impact during production. Conventional petroleum-based plastics release a large amount of carbon dioxide, whereas biomass only releases as much carbon dioxide as the plants have previously absorbed. The conversion of carbon dioxide into valuable raw materials therefore makes a positive contribution to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide pollution.

Our sustainable selection of suppliers is particularly important for this plastic. In choosing our suppliers, we have carefully ensured that the raw materials used do not compete with food production and that local conditions in manufacturing are considered. This enables an environmentally friendly supply chain and underlines our commitment to social responsibility. The integration of FotoDent® biobased model into our corporate sustainability strategy illustrates the high priority that sustainability and environmental protection have in our business model.

In addition to the ecological aspects, the biobased resin has other positive characteristics. It is free from carcinogenic or fertility-impairing substances and has an extremely low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Compared to conventional 3D printing materials, it therefore has a significantly lower impact on the atmosphere. The material properties of the biobased FotoDent® model material have been specifically tailored for use in the aligner workflow.  The optimal viscosity of the material helps to reduce the amount of cleaning effort for each printed part.

With the introduction of FotoDent® biobased model, we are making a statement for sustainability, environmental consciousness, and innovation. The use of biobased plastic not only reduces the environmental impact, but also takes a significant step towards a more sustainable future. We show how companies can have a positive impact on the environment through innovative products and strategic action.

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