A sustainable network

Sustainable purchase and regional suppliers

A sustainable network in the region is of central importance as it is the basis for long-term cooperation and positive change. By promoting and supporting local organizations, we do not only strengthen the community, but also contribute to regional development. These partnerships enable us to work together to find effective solutions for local challenges and enhance sustainable changes in the region.

„Think Global – Buy Local“

Dreve consistently pursues a sustainable procurement strategy in which we draw great attention to ecological and social aspects. A central point of our sustainability strategy is purchasing preferably from suppliers within our region.

We strive to minimize the transportation footprint of our goods by opting for the shortest possible routes, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. By choosing local suppliers, we can not only minimize the environmental impact of transportation routes, but also support the local economy and promote jobs in the region.

In addition, we maintain long-term and cooperative relationships with our suppliers. We are dedicated to keep a transparent and open communication way. By building these relationships, we can work together as a team on sustainable solutions that go beyond mere economic aspects. Our goal is to construct a robust, strategic, and enduring network that stands the test of time, ultimately yielding benefits for all involved parties.

After all our efforts, we are pleased to be able to label our products as “Made in Germany” now.
The label stands for quality, reliability and high standards. We are convinced that products manufactured in Germany meet the high expectations of our customers and at the same time reflect our sustainability standards.

Taking a closer look at our purchasing, we can see that most of our revenues derives from European countries, including Germany on the first position in the ranking. Focusing on European suppliers enables us to ensure short distances and close cooperation. In addition, geographical proximity makes it easier to comply with environmental standards and monitor social criteria through the supply chain.

We will continue to intensify our efforts in the future to ensure that our procurement processes are in line with our sustainability goals and make a positive contribution to the future.

Commitment for the community

We actively contribute to a positive change in the society through fundraising campaigns and aid projects. Our dedication is centered on supporting those in need and contribute to a better future. These initiatives reflect our commitment to social responsibility.

Do good things together
Making a positive contribution to society, is very important to us at Dreve. For a long time already, a key effort is to support various charity organizations, both worldwide as well as local around Unna.

Supporting charity organizations is a tradition that we enjoy effecting every end of the year. Each year, we donate a considerable amount of money to a well-selected organization. These partner organizations are diverse and cover a wide range of topics. Previous beneficiaries include well-known institutions such as the Kinderschutzbund, the Tierschutzbund and Ärzte ohne Grenzen. Our selection is based on the conviction that our support is most urgently needed there.

In ad-hoc situations, we also rely on the commitment of our employees. We are delighted that our employees are actively involved in our social commitment. In recent years, we collected clothing, food and toiletries, which we have passed on to people in need. These campaigns also enable us to provide help directly on site. For example, donations were sent to refugees in the Ukraine or to the local Tafel in Unna.

In addition to our global support, we are particularly keen to strengthen our local community. We work closely together with organizations such as Lebenshilfe. By ordering there we create work opportunities for them. We also show our solidarity on special occasions, such as Christmas, e.g. by giving gifts.

Our long-term support of charity organizations, whether through financial donations or the active participation of our employees, reflects our firmly rooted conviction that we have a corporate social responsibility. Our aim is to leave a lasting and positive impact, whether globally or locally. We are proud to be part of a community that is committed to making the world a better place and working with other organizations to create positive change.