The family company – Innovation aus Tradition

Dreve is an innovative company that has specialized in the development and manufacturing of customized solutions for the dental and medical industries. With over 75 years of experience, Dreve stands for quality, precision, and technological progress. The company offers its customers individual products and services to perfectly meet their requirements and needs.

The Dreve company’s history

The history of the family business Dreve in Unna is characterized by a long tradition and great innovative spirit. Over the course of 75 years of organic growth, we aim to provide you with a concise overview of the key milestones in our journey.

The Dreve company was founded in 1949 by Wolfgang Dreve. As a dental technician, he initially developed dental materials, in particular plastics for prostheses. Our company started as a small laboratory in Unna, Germany.

Over the following decades, we continuously expanded our product portfolio and gained international importance. Our expertise focused on the development and manufacturing of first-class medical products, particularly in the dental and audiology market.

The history of Dreve illustrates a successful family business that has evolved to a global player through continuous progress, technological innovation, and a strong customer focus.

The 70s

The 80s

In the course of time


Strategy & Future

Shaping the future through sustainable strategies – our responsibility for tomorrow

PDCA stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act and is an iterative method that Dreve uses for the continuous improvement of processes, products, or services. It is also known as the “Deming Cycle” or “Shewhart Cycle”, named after the pioneers of quality management, W. Edwards Deming and Walter A. Shewhart.

Our approach follows an iterative cycle. It implies that we repeat this process continuously to achieve constant improvements. Each iteration is built on the experience and knowledge of the previous one and contributes to the continuous optimization of our processes, products or services.

For us at Dreve, this cycle is an extremely effective method. It helps us to identify problems, develop solutions and continuously improve our performance. We strongly believe that this approach enables us to work continuously at the highest level and to constantly improve.

Plan (planning)
In this phase, we thoroughly analyze the current situation. We define our goals and measures as well as draw up a detailed plan. We identify necessary resources and draw up an action plan that will help us to realize the desired improvements.

Do (implement)
Then we implement the action plan that we have developed in the planning process. We carry out the planned measures and implement the changes in our processes, products, and services.

In this phase, we collect results and data to check whether the implemented measures have brought the desired improvements. We analyze the information collected to determine whether our goals have been achieved and to identify any deviations or problems.

Based on the findings from the previous phase, now we decide how to proceed. If our goals have been achieved, we can standardize the measures and define them as a new way of working. If we had identified deviations or problems, we adjust our plans and restart the cycle.

Award from the “Bündnis für Familie” in Unna

We are proud having been honored with the Pluspunkt Familie award twice, underscoring our recognition as a family-friendly company in the Unna region.

This award underlines our commitment to offering our employees family-oriented working conditions and supoorting their work-life balance.
We actively support the compatibility of career and family through various measures and programs. These include flexible working times and flexible parental leave, part-time jobs, and various home office options. We can also offer the wonderful opportunity to leave employees kids in the “Villa Mausezahn” (special Corporate childcare) during their work.

The second Pluspunkt Familie award confirms again that we are on the right track achieving a family-friendly environment. We are proud to be a company that focuses on the needs and challenges of its employees in terms of family and career. This award motivates us to improve continuously our family-friendly measures and to support our employees in the best possible way.